Behind the lens

Hello there,

I am a professional photographer, with a focus on fine art landscape photography and stories with a documentary character. Capturing moments when landscpaes or people showing there true beauty is my passion.

Furthermore, I work as a photo designer. So I can express my ideas perfectly and make the world a little bit more surreal.

Beside this I also work as an art director for digital in an agency in Düsseldorf – Germany.

„Creativity is like a muscle, use it and it will grow!“

Yup, that’s what I believe in! I try to use it as much as I can, combined with a little amount of fun and craziness! (The good one… I guess)

Whoever you are, nice to meet you and welcome to my world!

Ideas in progress86%
Akkus charged78%
Coffee cup filled38%
Music Volume100%
Progress till next Super Saiyan Stage64%